Bibi Ayesha Ramjugernath

Bibi Ayesha Ramjugernath

Bibi Ayesha Ramjugernath is no stranger to television as she presents on Deaf TV on SABC. Intersexions however is her first acting role on television and is excited at future prospects.

This ambitious 27 year old was born into a Deaf family and her mother tongue was South African Sign Language. She says being born Deaf helped her develop very quickly and had already started school by the age of three. Both her parents and older sister are also Deaf.

Ramjugernath firmly believes in the empowerment of Deaf individuals and aims at bridging the communication divide between a linguistic and cultural minority group and the general society who often take communication for granted.

Her deafness however has never taken away from her sterling achievements and pursuit of her dreams. She matriculated with exemption from Parktown Girls and is a Programme Developer and subject matter expert at eDeaf, Employ and Empower Deaf. She is also a South African Sign Language Honours lecturer at Wits University as well as tutor and qualified assessor and moderator. She is currently studying towards a BA Linguistics majoring in English.

The multi-talented Ramjegernath has always had a love for the performing arts and did speech and drama as a subject in high school.
She said of her experience on Intersexions "The experience taught me to further trust in my own capabilities as build new worlds worth conquering. I look forward to my next acting role.