A love story


Grace returns home filled with hope that her life can finally begin. An interesting twist of fate gives her and her high school sweetheart's relationship a second chance. But will her past give her respite or haunt her new found happiness?


Sexual temptation knows no bounds

Betrayal is the main theme in Episode 14 as sexual temptation slays new Pastor Rex. Serving his flock as demanded by the good word, Pastor Rex has all good intentions to uphold the faith as he rescues a young Hillbrow criminal Grace from being beaten up and arrested. He cleans her up and promises to keep her off the streets as she recovers. With no vacancies at the shelters, he is forced to take her in, a decision some in his congregation question. The issue assumes greater poignancy as the pastor is single. But Pastor Rex defends his decision through a blistering sermon on judgment and hypocrisy.
However, noble as his intentions are to convert Grace, things go pear shaped as he develops feelings towards her. He succumbs to temptation and sleeps with her. Grace mistakes the pastor's lust for love and finds reason to believe her life is turning for the better.

 A member of his congregation discovers the secret affair and threatens to expose him unless he sends Grace away to a shelter. In the meantime Grace discloses she is pregnant, placing Pastor Rex in a most compromising position. In a case of betrayal, and to save face, he sends her away heartbroken and disillusioned.
The storyline uncovers the harsh reality that no one is above sexual temptation. The episode mirrors many everyday stories of religious leaders embroiled in sexual scandals. The show demonstrates how desire is complex and often very hard to control, no matter how strict one's principles.

Episode 14 of Intersexions was screened on SABC1 at 8.30pm on 14th May 2013