Desperate measures to have a baby

The inability to have children is often a difficult subject to broach for couples struggling with conception. Episode 22 features Jama and Sindi, a God fearing couple whose relationship is pressured by her mother in law's expectations that time is running out for the couple to have a baby. Sindi tries to hold forte and pretend she has the perfect marriage yet she is bleeding inside. In desperate efforts to make her husband happy and bring the marriage back to normalcy, she asks her husband's friend Thulani to impregnate her.

 Thulani who owes her friend Jama a great deal of gratitude for his friendship and guidance over the years sees Sindi's proposal as betrayal and turns her down. In the meantime Jama tries to convince his wife that they should both have their fertility tested. Sindi refuses outright as she has secretly tested and knows the fault does not lie with her. Jama goes ahead and gets tested only to find out he is infertile. He is afraid to tell his wife the bad news and instead suggests adoption which Sindi flatly refuses.

Seeing how unhappy his friend is Thulani changes his mind and sleeps with his friend's wife. Sindi is elated when she discovers she is pregnant. Jama is devastated but cannot bring himself to own up to his wife about his sterility nor confront her regarding paternity of the baby. A year later, on their baby's birthday he confesses the truth about his infertility and reveals to his wife that he also knows his friend Thulani is the father.

He reassures his wife that he remains committed to his marriage and will raise up the baby as his own. Jama also makes his wife promise never to tell Thulani that he is ware his friend fathered his child.

Episode 22 aired on SABC 1 on the 9th July 2013.