Intersexions episode 7: Lifting the lid on intergenerational sex

Episode 7 of Intersexions provides an insight into the issue of South African teenage and college girls who have sexual relations with sugar daddies in exchange for money.

Bontle a university student in Johannesburg is having an affair with sugar daddy, Godwin. Their affair is governed by strict rules that they only see each other when Bontle is in Johannesburg and in turn she does not mention his wife or family. Bontle's semester break from university coincides with the return of her old flame Sizwe from the city after a fallout with childhood friend soccer star Two-Step in episode 6.

Sizwe picks up his relationship with Bontle who looks very much the city girl with fancy clothes. To explain her expensive clothes to her inquisitive mother, Bontle claims she does part-time modeling and promotions. Meanwhile, Godwin decides he misses Bontle and pays her a surprise visit in her hometown. Although unhappy with this turn of events which complicates her life, she sleeps with him hoping he will leave town. She also denies to Godwin that she has a boyfriend. Sizwe discovers the affair after seeing her in Godwin's car but decides not to mention it, happily accepting Bontle's help to buy him a television.

In the interim, Bontle's cousin Lorraine works out she is sleeping with Godwin and warns her against transactional sex. Godwin decides not to leave town as he is suspicious of Bontle's behavior. He follows her and soon catches her red handed at Sizwe's house. Godwin confronts her and the relationship ends.

She confesses to Sizwe after he raises questions about Godwin, only to discover he has known all along about her sugar daddy and thinks she should continue seeing Godwin and get as much cash out of him as possible. Bontle dumps him as she realizes his intention to pimp her.

JHHESA managing director, Richard Delate says the episode aims to highlight the problems of transactional and intergenerational sex amongst the youth and the dangers and complications associated with multiple partner relationships.

Episode 7 of Intersexions was screened on SABC1 at 8.30pm on 26 March 2013.