Real men own up to the truth

Episode 20 highlights the challenges of coming out. Despite the right to sexual orientation being included in the constitution, South African society remains conservative and many gays and lesbians fear stigmatisation.

Closet gay soccer star Two-Step from episode 6 resurfaces, now engaged to Rea the journalist who had previously threatened to expose his sexual orientation. He managed to convince her it was a one off and that he is straight.

For several months he manages to keep up the pretense of the doting fiance but is soon tempted to have a casual sexual encounter with a man. He goes to the rendezvous incognito and believes he has covered all his tracks. Unfortunately it's a set up by Sizwe, his former friend and lover who has not forgiven him for denying their relationship. Sizwe blackmails him demanding R20, 000 a month or face exposure.

A confused Two-Step fears for his career and is not prepared to risk being outed. In desperation he seeks divine help and intervention and goes to Pastor Rex who encourages him to confess in front of the whole congregation.

Two-Step feels both the pressure of the blackmail and hurting Rea and decides to confess to her. She is disappointed and leaves him but not before encouraging him to face the reality that he is gay and announce it himself rendering the blackmail useless.

Two-Step takes Rea's advice to be true to himself and summons the courage to announce that he is gay during a press conference.
 "The episode is both a challenge to homophobes and an inspiration to anyone battling with the prejudice that comes with coming out," says JHHESA managing director, Richard Delate

Episode 20 was aired on SABC 1 on the 25th June 2013.